It is with mixed feelings that I announce a hiatus for the blog.  I used to love writing about my life here, but recently it feels like a chore.

In large part, this is because I’ve developed a rather busy social life.  I work a little less than I used to, so I’ve started “doing sport” (aka exercise classes for Americans).  It’s only Tuesday night now, but I want to add a Thursday night class.  I also have dinner with a friend almost every Wednesday . . . and with a few new friends, the time fills up quickly.
Last night, I found myself having to choose between dinner with my friend or writing up my blog and pulling the photos together . . . so, I went to dinner and wrote this quickly.
So, I’ve decided to take a break from the blog and come back to it later.  Perhaps it will be a monthly post rather than weekly?  We’ll see how it goes!  All I know at this point is that, given the choice between writing about life in France and LIVING life in France, I’m choosing to enjoy my life over here. 😉