I feel like my attempts to find a proper house in France mirrored the stereotypical search for love.  You find something that works for three months, it’s time for something a little more long-term . . . but you’re not sure you’re ready to “buy.”House 1

At the time, you just aren’t seeing anything that’s quite what you’re looking for.  You come across some far misses and a few that are downright scary, but there are two options that seem “good enough” – both with some drawbacks.  You go with the one that has the most tolerable drawbacks and it’s good for awhile . . . but then things start going wrong.  Often.

House 2c
Maybe the dated flooring should have been a hint as to the general lack of maintenance . . .

So, you’re on the market again.  And again, nothing is exactly right, but you find one that you think you can love.  Fate intervenes and somebody else snatches it up – feels like bad luck at the time and you decide to take a step back and quit looking.

Then, you finally have the straw that breaks the camel’s back (or, in my case, one cold shower too many after the water heater breaks and isn’t properly fixed for nearly a month).  You’re not even hoping for the “right one” anymore . . . and that’s when the perfect one lands in your lap!

My new house is exactly what I was looking for all along and fits my decorating style – a modern, open main living area for my modern furniture, but an upstairs with restored hardwood flooring and an old stone wall to match the solid wood bedroom sets I have.  Plus, I have a dressing room and a spacious, well-lit bathroom!

I was also incredibly lucky with the utilities – one quick call took care of my electricity and trash, the water was switched over by the agency and Orange had my internet switched in five days (it can take up to two weeks normally).

Really, it’s a pity that this place isn’t for sale!  I can’t imagine finding a place that I’ll like better when I’m ready to buy . . . of course, my new British friends keep telling me that I need to move again, closer to them!  Right now, I’m pretty centrally located for work, my French friends (not in the same town as the Brits) and the Brits, so I think I’m going to settle in here for a bit. 😁