So, my blog is largely about life in France and my various travels; however, I also like to share good tips that I learn and other advice . . . for example, if you’re traveling in the South of France on a TER, look for the red machines!  I could have paid 1 Euro for a ticket instead of close to 10 Euros online.

Today’s advice includes the top reasons that I won’t be flying EasyJet again anytime soon.  I say “probably” in regards to ever flying with them again because I would consider flying with NO checked bag if their on-time record improved.  Buyer Beware!

  1. They Have a Terrible On-Time Record
    • I thought it was just my bad luck that both flights I took with EasyJet in the last 8 months were delayed by over 2 hours on my way to my vacation.  Nope – see below.  I had noticed anecdotally that it seemed they had numerous delayed flights on days when other airlines didn’t, so how can it be the weather or . . . if EasyJet is the only airline impacted?  And lest you think it was only a single month of bad luck, see the featured photo for this post that shows them dead last during a rolling 12 months ending in March 2017 (from
    • When I flew both times, it was for a 3 and 4 day weekend.  Losing several hours to flight delays really has an impact on short trips like this!
    • Capture
  2. They Have a Ridiculous Luggage Policy
    • I realize that a lot of budget airlines have terrible luggage policies.  In fact, when my carry-on bag was ready for replacement recently, I purchased a new tinier one to meet the smallest European carry-on requirements.  This is the suitcase that EasyJet “lost” on the 3rd time that I used it.  What makes EasyJet’s policy particularly obnoxious is that it states that you can have one carry-on.  What it doesn’t make clear is that you CANNOT have a personal item also.  Cue frantic people trying to cram purses into their luggage during boarding.  I prefer when I’m allowed a personal item and allowed to “buy” a carry-on because at least then the policy is clear before I’m at the airport.
    • And talk about a way to discourage business travelers!  I can’t travel for business without a suitcase and laptop bag.
    • They also make no exception for someone who medically needs an EpiPen on-hand.  I was told that I had to put my purse in my suitcase, then pull it out AFTER check-in (apparently on the tarmac or in the plane?) if I needed my purse under my seat.
  3. They Lost my Luggage . . . And I Still Don’t Have it Back Almost 7 Weeks Later
    • I have been flying for just over 20 years.  I fly several times per year all over the world.  I’ve experienced flight delays and gotten stuck overnight twice.  While I often don’t check a bag anymore, this is the first time out of all of my flights when an airline mis-tagged my suitcase with someone else’s name and destination.  Yep, they didn’t exactly lose my suitcase – they sent it along on somebody else’s flight.  Fortunately, that person didn’t realize it and take my bag.
    • EasyJet then told me that my bag would be back in Bordeaux on Wednesday.  It should have reached me on Friday before I flew out to the US on Saturday.  Instead, they let it sit in Amsterdam for an extra day for no apparent reason and waited until Thursday night to inform me of that.  At that point, it wasn’t possible for me to drive 5+ hours round-trip to rescue my suitcase on such short notice for work.  This meant that I had to return to the US without my new carry-on suitcase . . . or my swimming suit . . . or my travel pillow . . . or my noise-cancelling headphones.  The bag that I checked was my normal carry-on that I checked with their 5 Euro “hands-free” service because I didn’t want to wrestle my purse out of my luggage again.
  4. If They Find Your Luggage, They Will Not Return it Overseas
    • I was told by the baggage handling rep that it was possible to fly it to the Portland Airport, but not deliver it from there – no problem.  Weeks drag by and I’m finally told that EasyJet will not cover the cost, so I need to submit a claim or wait until I return to France.  Fortunately, I was returning; however, if you travel here, then use a budget airline to get around, be aware that if EasyJet loses your bag and doesn’t return it by the end of your trip, those things are gone forever!
  5. If Your Luggage is “Delayed” on the Return Trip, Technically Their Policy Says They Don’t Compensate for Replacement Items . . . Including if That Isn’t Your Final Destination.  They also don’t compensate for “loss of use.”
    • No further explanation needed.  I’m still hoping that Bordeaux sends me my suitcase like they said they would.  I don’t even want to deal with the nightmare that trying to file a claim with EasyJet is likely to be.
    • By the way, my stuff has been “delayed” for nearly two months now.  Even if I had remained in France, the earliest it would have been returned to me was a week.  So, clearly don’t pack anything in a checked bag that you need within a week on a return trip because the cost will be on you, my friends!  And they CHARGED me for this whole mess.
  6. They Frequently Lack Items from Their Menu
    • Maybe this doesn’t seem like a big deal, but my delayed flight ended up meaning I was flying during a meal time.  They were unexpectedly not carrying nearly all of the items on their menu.  What they were carrying virtually all stated that they were potentially contaminated with peanuts.  Two other times before that when I ate on the plane (some of the sandwiches are ok and cheap), they were out of items on the menu also.  If you have dietary restrictions, don’t count on them having an item that you normally eat!
  7. It’s Not Just Me – They Were Voted the 73rd Best (Worst) Airline in the World
    1. In case you think that I just had a bad experience or have unreasonable expectations or something else along those lines . . . here you go:  Independent.Co.Uk Airline Survey Article

So, we’ll see what ends up happening in the great luggage saga – I might just take a cheap train to Bordeaux this weekend and demand my luggage in person!

And I’ll be back next week with a post about my travels through France with my sister!  The Roman Ruins in Nîmes are really incredible!