I was in Stuttgart primarily to visit a friend, Jen, who has a new baby, so I didn’t load my schedule with activities.  Upon my arrival, I found it amusing to watch these two cops walk around being filmed for a show of some sort.

Upon reaching my hotel, I thought I’d post this so Americans understand why the French (and Germans) largely drive diesel vehicles – it’s much cheaper here!  Of course, there are air pollution issues because of it and they are largely switching to clean diesel technologies.

The first full day, we went to Grabkapelle or the Sepulchral Chapel.  Contrary to many things here, where you realize political marriages didn’t work out so great as the mistress plays a prominent role, this King loved his wife so much he demolished her favorite castle and built her this crypt on the site after she died at a young age.

You can see why she would have loved the castle that sat here though – there are stunning views from all sides!

The upper area is elaborately decorated and has the typical domed ceiling with skylight.

Upon entering the tomb, the first thing I noticed was that the light source was originally from this lovely carving, which is directly below the dome above.

Then, you see that the beloved wife, Catharina, queen of Wurtemberg, died in 1819 at 30 years old.  Her husband, 8 years her senior, appears to have started his rule in 1816 . . . but he was still buried here next to his wife when he died in 1864 at nearly 83!

One of their daughters is also buried here after she died at 23.  While an alcove is here for their other daughter, she married the King of the Netherlands and is buried there with her husband.

Given he was buried here so long after, it appears the inscription he left above the door was true, “Love never dies.”  I was curious enough to look up what happened after his queen’s death and he did marry again to produce a male heir, but I suppose that’s what was expected of a king.

After a short time here (you’ll need maybe 30 minutes, but the cost is just 2.50 Euro), Jen and I headed downtown.  It’s rather picturesque near the Schloss Platz, as in most German towns!

We headed back to meet Jen’s kids as they got off the bus.  They weren’t quite sure they remembered me from 3 years ago, but Katelin was certain she’d remember me next time!  I also had plenty of time to snuggle the baby!  She barely cried all day and was pretty content to either be held or be in motion.

Then, it was time for German dinner!  After having several versions of currywurst, I thought I’d try a local specialty, spätzle.  The noodles themselves are rather bland, so it’s really about what they come with.  This evening it was a perfectly cooked pork slice cooked in a beer sauce.  Yum!  I will say that adjusting to the massive portion sizes in Germany has been a struggle – the small fast food (Currywurst) portions were easier!  I left some of the spätzle uneaten because I just couldn’t do it!