I came back from lunch and really needed some coffee!  They have a nice little machine here that (loudly) grinds the coffee for each fresh shot of espresso at the push of a button.  In this case, the machine started making the usual sound, followed by it rapidly getting louder and louder . . . as if it was ramping up to either take flight or explode.  As I backed warily away from it (and one of the French guys snickered), it finally decided to neither fly nor erupt, but instead to just beep and implore me to add more coffee beans.  After adding the beans, it continued to refuse working until the GM fixed it later.  There was a bit of joking that I might have to return to the US immediately if I’d truly broken it!

By the way, I think every meal I eat here is potentially better than the last.  I’m really going to have to wait to rate French restaurants because the worst one I’ve eaten at is better than many decent US restaurants.  I remember hearing that many people don’t care for the one restaurant and wondering what their issue was – well, now I know!  The food there is good, but not as high-end as other places nor plated up as fancy.  The place I tried for lunch today was really quite good with a beef “stew” type of dish that is common in the region.

I’m told there are more cows than people in my town; however, I am two weeks into my time here and still happy with my choice to stay here.  I did venture into Poitiers tonight to see a movie (American with French subtitles). Poitiers’ Hôtel de Ville is lovely both by day and at night!