My day today started like any other day this week, although I took a picture of the awesome sign that I actually understood without translation (thanks Anki!  Great app!) – actually, I’ve gotten by quite nicely with my French.  I was able to order my sandwich, dessert & drink, plus dinner to-go (that I left at work, of course) in French without an issue.  By the way, the sign says, “Here, the possible is already done;the impossible is in process; for miracles, expect a delay of 48 hours.”

I left work a tad early today to catch my train in Poitiers for Paris, but had to stop by the cottage, where I saw that, rain or shine, this lovely couple takes their walk on the island!

As I used my GPS to Poitiers, it took me on an interesting route, including on a road where you have to drive half on the gravel shoulder to pass since it’s the size of a one-way road.  The drive to Poitiers was what I recalled – people driving on the right until just behind someone, then passing on the left – there’s no passive-aggressive stuff with people getting mad you passed them or puttering along in the left lane.

Once I reached the city, it was 5:30 PM and rush hour was in full swing.  Traffic was barely moving and running red lights definitely happens here!  Frankly, I’ve realized driving in bad traffic stresses me out and I’m certainly glad I’m not staying in Poitiers at the moment!

I reached the train station only to learn my train was arriving 15 minutes late!  For an 18 minute layover! (Retard is delay in French)

Once on the train, I checked what would happen if I missed my connection and the railroad will put me on the next train out.  I figured I’d be stuck in Paris overnight, but there was an option an hour later . . . but only 5 hrs to sleep and 3 trains instead of the 1 overnight train it was supposed to be – plus 4 hours lost.  Nothing to do about it at the moment, so I found the food cart and an odd sandwich – tandoori chicken salad, which actually tasted like tandoori chicken, but the “salad” was, well, shredded carrots.  Strange, but tasty!

While on the train, a sudden announcement that included a French word that sounded a bit like explosion was made.  It didn’t help that people gasped and looked unhappy, but a lovely young woman explained a rock had been thrown at the train and busted a window.  Yeah, I’m still not super thrilled about that, but better than what I first thought.  It did briefly make me consider just never leaving the countryside again while I’m here though!  Or at least avoiding major cities!

Speaking of, I’m actually speeding my way towards the 2nd largest city in France, Marseille (pronounced Mar-say).  I’m off to write in my perfect little notebook for this adventure.  I bought it when visiting Liz on the East Coast, but it just needs to be used in France!