So, this is really geared towards those who plan to travel to the area or are just super interested in all the details of my trip.

I had read some really bad reviews before I arrived, so I was a little nervous about that, but the lobby was really lovely and a sign indicated they started remodeling in January 2016.  The staff were really helpful and most spoke a decent amount of English.

The bed was perfectly comfortable, and this is coming from someone with back issues from a car accident, and even the pillows weren’t so bad.  I never woke up stiff or needing to change positions in the night, so it was a win from that perspective.  The remodel clearly hadn’t reached much of hotel though as the stair carpet was quite worn, the hardwood floors in the rooms were pretty dinged up and the “black out curtains” advertised on the Ibis flyer were nowhere in existence – my curtain didn’t block light on the sides and had a hole in it.

The breakfast was a typical French-style breakfast of croissants, pain au chocolat  (like a square croissant with chunks of chocolate in the middle), fruit, thin meats and soft cheeses.  For foreigners, they also had eggs and bacon, plus baked beans the day the Asian group was there.

Speaking of the Asian tour group, I’m not sure if it’s a regular thing, although I suspect it might be given the Asian signs at the breakfast bar, but that night was a totally different experience.  The hotel had seemed nice and quiet before, but it must have been pretty empty because once I had neighbors, I could hear them yelling across the hall at each other, in their rooms, moving furniture, etc.  It woke me up several times. Plus, one smoked in a non-smoking room on a non-smoking floor, but the staff took care of that quickly.

Not sure I could recommend it unless you’re also traveling in the off season and unlikely to have neighbors given the thin walls, but when it was quiet, it was a decent place.

Pros: Comfortable bed, quiet when no close neighbors, good breakfast, good water temp & pressure, clean, strong room WiFi

Cons: Really thin walls if you have a neighbor, hotel really needs the planned remodel